Life Groups are an essential part of Peoples Church.  This is where you get to know fellow members and be challenged to grow in your walk with God.  Peoples Church usually has three to twelve groups going on throughout the year.  Some groups meet in place of adult Sunday School during the Sunday School hour.  Other groups meet in peoples homes at other times of the week.  Most of the time the group will decide what study series they want to go through.  This gives people the freedom to select something they feel is applicable to their daily lives.

Why should I participate in a Life group?

When you attend a Life group you develop a support network.  These people become your friends and you can share your concerns and pray for one another as events happen in your lives.

Sharing prayer concerns removes any pretenses that cause you to hide from others. It helps remove walls between yourselves and other members of the group.

With people from similar and different backgrounds there is a wealth wisdom you can tap into as you encounter problems in your own lives.  You can help others with your experiences and they can help you as well.

Finally, group meetings are a time of prayer and praise as you share what God is doing in   your  life and praise God for the victories and answers He has shown you.

How can I join a Life group?

Contact Dennis Roach who is on the elder board.   He can tell you which group is meeting when and who is leading the group so you can contact them and visit the group.  If you have children, you may want to make arrangements with other families to share babysitting costs.  Or, if you want,  you can join a group that meets during the Sunday School hour so your kids can be in Sunday School at the time  your small  group meets.

Other Resources

Right Now Ministries has a large number of videos and aids for Life groups.  Click here for more information:

RightNow Ministries Video Library